New Moderators won't show up

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New Moderators won't show up Empty New Moderators won't show up

Post by Mkmd13 on January 31st 2017, 11:51 am

Technical Details

Forum version : #phpBB2
Position : Administrator
Concerned browser(s) : Google Chrome
Who the problem concerns : Yourself
When the problem appeared : 1/31/2017
Forum link :

Description of problem

I'm redoing my moderators for my forum and getting rid of the mods that are inactive. After I added 4 new mods and got rid of the 4 inactive mods, I now have a slight problem.

On my forum, under each topic will show who moderates that topic. Well the old mods are gone from those topics but when I went back and checked, the new mods aren't showing up there either. I created a group for each new mod and made sure that each user has mod privileges and tried to match everything the other two existing mods have as permissions.

Is there a hidden feature that I don't know about that is stopping the new mods from showing up? Or is there a permission I am missing somewhere else that prevents them from showing up until I check a certain box?
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