Improve Standard Message for New Registrations unavailable

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Improve standard message for when new registrations unavailable

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Improve Standard Message for New Registrations unavailable

Post by Guest on April 3rd 2008, 10:56 pm

Hello Hello everyone,

A full explanation of what has brought about my request/suggestion is at my Topic on the "Other Problems" Board, a couple of days ago......
>> Holiday Mode: Register Button & unfriendly message >>

when I complained about the Unfriendly standard message
"Administrators have forbidden any new members"
My last "holiday mode/limited access" stint was the end of January. Up to and including that time, "holiday mode" auto configuration included removal of the "Register" button from the Menu, which was quite OK. Last night I switched into "holiday mode" for a few days now of the same "limited access". But then discovered that this time, the "Register" button was still displayed on my Menu. Clicked on the Register button and then received what I feel is a very unfriendly and unnecessary message........... this.......
" Administrators have forbidden any new members "

Had no reply so far on the "other problems" board - so perhaps was the wrong place to put it. So now here as a "Suggestion", in the hope will get some feedback, as I feel very strongly about this.

Please could that standard message be changed to something more
User-Friendly, otherwise it's unlikely that new Users wanting to join the forum will want to return after being told they are "forbidden".

Personally, I believe something like this would be better.........
"Thank you for your interest in our Forum. Unfortunately, new member registrations are temporarily unavailable. Please call back in a few days"

(Otherwise, please can we be given an option to customise the message
ourself? - but I suppose that would need a separate Poll??)




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Re: Improve Standard Message for New Registrations unavailable

Post by Jophy on March 24th 2013, 4:38 am

Suggestion Clean up

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