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Post by Kabios23 on July 5th 2017, 8:47 am

Hello. I am new to forumotion.

I chose forumotion because it is one of the very few forum hosting sites which can offer Japanese language features.

However, most options written in Admin Control Panel is not written in English. I can understand English well, so I am not bothered with this. However, I am going to have a partner who can only understand Japanese and I need him to manage the forum with me. So I am really in need of full Japanese translation of Control Panel as soon as possible.

The support team seems active so I hope that I receive action in no time. Thank you.
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In progress Re: Forum Default Language

Post by APE on July 5th 2017, 12:51 pm

Hello @Kabios23 and welcome to Forumotion Support always good to see new members making forums with us. Shake

Now down your your Question.
Sadly the main Admin Control Panel is set to English as we do not have staff members in France that can fully translate the text from English to Japanese.

So we use a system that lets you see the forum as it would be but you may also find that the forum will have some English on it as well Sad

We understand this can be a problem with the day to day running of your forum with other staff members that don't speak English but you can use google translate to change the page if you have firefox as they have a plug in that is really good (I use it my self) as i don't speak French and often go in the French support forum.

So sadly we can not change your ACP settings right now.


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