Summer Photo Contest 2019

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In progress Summer Photo Contest 2019

Post by APE on July 4th 2019, 8:51 pm

Summer Photo Contest 2019

Summer Photo Contest 2019 4511

Hello everyone,

With summer holidays almost here, we all want to go out on our holidays or just out, enjoy the sun or go away to cooler places, escape and have fun.
This is why Forumotion offers you a special summer contest, dedicated to holidays and entertainment!

Your goal is simple: make a visual mention of Forumotion in a unique place, and send us a photo! It is not a question of making a Photoshop montage, but of taking a picture with #Forumotion written in an unusual place. Everything is allowed !

" #Forumotion " can be written in the sand, in the snow, on a sign or on your skin, it's up to you to make the most beautiful photo that will mention our platform! Make your creativity flow.

Once you have took your photo's we would like you the photographer to post your photo's on our Facebook page then get your friends, family, your / our members, to give you likes on your photo.

1, You must take a photo with a phone or camera.
2, The photo must be something took this year and have a summer holiday theme to it.
3, You can submit a maximum of 3 photo's per person.
4, participants must post their photo's on our facebook page then get your Friends, family, members to like it AND share your phoro's, The one with the most most shares will win.
5, Everyone including staff of Forumotion can take part as the votes are not done by staff.
6, You must Not use photoshop or gimp to add your #Forumotion to the photo's it must be 100% real life.
7, Anyone can vote for your photo's as long as they have a facebook account.
8, You must submit your photo's by no later then Saturday 31st August 2019.

The Prize to be won :

If the sharing exceeds 500 shares for the photo, The package won will be Advanced with domain name, (For one year only)
If more than 1000 shares, then it will be Premium package with domain name included, (For one year only)

All the entries will be published on our Publications board and a link to all the founders forum's as a way to thanking you all for taking part.

Good luck to all of you and enjoy your holidays!

Forumotion Team Doff

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