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Topic'it App: The end of an adventure....

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Important Topic'it App: The end of an adventure....

Post by The Godfather October 31st 2019, 4:01 pm

The mobile app is dead, long live the Progressive Web App

Topic'it App: The end of an adventure.... Icon_a10

Dear Forumotion users,

After 4 years of its implementation, we announce the withdrawal of the Topic'it forums application which allowed its users to connect, follow and participate in the forums.

Some will regret it, others will be happy to learn that it will no longer allow access to their forums. For 4 years, we tried to develop it to meet your expectations but it was not a success.

From this weekend, we will therefore start gradually removing Topic'it related features from our services.

However, please note that Topic'it Connect will always be available on Forumotion forums. As usual, it will allow users to easily register or log in to the forums that have activated it.

This is the end of the Topic'it application adventure but not the end of the mobile development of your forums. Fans of mobiles, push notifications and full-screen forums display will surely appreciate the new Forumotion PWA which offers you all the advantages of a mobile application in addition to being much faster to load and 100% dedicated to your forum.

Forumotion team


The management of the Topic'it Connect option has been moved to the  USERS & GROUPS tab >> Users >> Users options >> Topic'it Connect.

Voir l'exemple:

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