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Progressive Web App (PWA) available on Forumotion forums

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Important Progressive Web App (PWA) available on Forumotion forums

Post by The Godfather July 31st 2019, 4:53 pm

Progressive Web App (PWA) for your forum

Dear users,

We are pleased to announce that Forumotion forums now have a mobile and progressive web application dedicated to each forum in the form of a Progressive Web App Very Happy

What is a Progressive Web App (PWA)?

The Progressive Web App is an application 100% dedicated to your forum. It combines the best of the features found on modern web browsers with the benefits and optimal user experience offered by mobile applications.

PWAs have many advantages for your forum: installation possible from a mobile phone or PC without having to go through an application store, the application is dedicated exclusively to your forum, quick loading, secure pages, push notifications, icon on the home screen to access the forum, full screen display, etc.

How do I activate the Progressive Web App (PWA) of my forum?

All Forumotion forums natively embed PWA technology. So you don't have to do anything to take advantage of it and share it with your community. cheers

Each user is free to accept (or refuse) push notifications from your forum or to install its PWA on his mobile devices by accepting/refusing the invitation offered by the forum for this purpose.

If he accepts, he will have an icon on the home screen of his mobile device allowing him to access the forum directly. He will also be notified of his new features according to the notification preferences he has defined in his profile for the ToolBar.

How do I customize the Progressive Web App (PWA) of my forum?

You can customize the PWA of your forum from your admin panel >> Modules >> Mobile Apps >> PWA : Your forum dedicated app.

You can define a name, a description, an icon as well as the colors of the toolbar and the background of the start page:

Progressive Web App (PWA) available on Forumotion forums 31-07-10

Without telling you too much, I let you discover for yourself all the new possibilities that the PWA offers to your forum.

We hope that this improvement will bring you full satisfaction.

The Forumotion team king

Note :

  • For optimal use of this new technology, it is advisable to activate the HTTPS protocol on your forums. Indeed, several PWA features require the HTTPS protocol.
  • PWA is a recent technology whose features are directly managed by browsers. But not all browsers are at the same level, (see here for more details). On Google Chrome, all features are managed. On other browsers, it is being integrated. It is therefore not to be expected that the same behaviour will occur on all web and mobile browsers.
  • The forum's PWA notifications are directly linked to its ToolBar notifications and its activation. They can be controlled from the management of ToolBar notifications in each user's profile.
  • If you have agreed to receive web push notifications but wish to unsubscribe, the process is very simple (you can even unsubscribe later). Simply click on the secure padlock in the address bar or go to your browser settings and cancel the authorization.

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