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credit on my site

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In progress credit on my site

Post by Hkbilisim Sun Apr 17 2022, 19:42

Hello, I am joining from Turkey. I have an existing loan on my site, but I do not use it and can I withdraw this loan to my account again?

credit on my site ChswZ

As I said again, I cannot use this credit, so is there any chance to send it back to my account as money?
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In progress Re: credit on my site

Post by Ape Sun Apr 17 2022, 20:21

Hello @Hkbilisim and welcome to the English support forum. Shake

The credits on your forum is not a loan it is something you would have paid for or some one donated it to you you.
The credits on the forum can not be made back in to money. The credits are there to pay for packages / domain names on the forum.

We do not offer refunds sorry.
The topic was posted in the wrong section, so I have moved it to the correct section.
Please read our forum rules: ESF General Rules

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