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Skin install

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Skin install Empty Skin install

Post by Sol Zemlji March 7th 2024, 11:39 am

Hello there. I tried install one skin, but I always become Aswer - Info - Import ended. So if I cannot install this skin, can you add this skin in your database - here link
Sol Zemlji
Sol Zemlji
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Skin install Empty Re: Skin install

Post by jucarese March 7th 2024, 11:57 am

It is not possible to do so, you must install your skins only from this site from there they are installed automatically, then you can make the modifications you want.
If you want to use the one on the page you must download the file, open it, and copy the content of each text file into its place in your administration panel.

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Skin install Empty Re: Skin install

Post by Ape March 7th 2024, 9:28 pm

You have been told more then once from me and my team you can't have our theme Please don't ask again.
The support forum team / skin is copyrighted and if you use anything from this site i will ban you and your site so STOP asking
This is your last warning.

Topic closed and locked.

Topic moved to the garbage.
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