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Stickies and Announcements

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Stickies and Announcements Empty Stickies and Announcements

Post by Caihlem March 26th 2007, 12:56 am

Stickies and Announcements

Sticky: A sticky is a topic of greater importance. It stays on the top of the other topics at all times. It usually contains rules or other important information that your members can easily find.

Announcement: Technically the same as a sticky, but they will be on the top of other topics and stickies regardless of their date of creation or amount of replies. Announcements, as the name implies already, are usually used to announce updates or other news.

How to create a Sticky / Announcement?

When you create your topic or edit the first post of an existing one, you will have additional options below the text editor box (does not work with quick reply or when editing a reply):

Stickies and Announcements Sticky10

How can I define other names for stickies and announcements?

You can modify the name of stickies and announcements so these words are displayed on your forum instead. This option allows you a higher level of customization and individuality.

Admin Panel
Stickies and Announcements Announ10

"General >> Forum >> Messages & Email >> Define another name for stickies / announcements"

The traditional Announcement: and Sticky: will be replaced by Personal Text1: and Personal Text2:

Notice: The maximum length is 15 characters for the personal texts. For this reason, it's recommended to avoid html tags.

For example, you replace:
Announcement label >> Important
Sticky label >> ReadMe

How to change their topic icons?

This can be done in the "Display" tab in your admin panel. Go ahead to "Pics Management", "Advanced mode" and switch to the "Icons for Topics". Enter a new image address into the respective fields and save.

Can they be separated from normal topics?

Yes, in your admin panel, go to:

"General >> Forum >> Messages & Email >> Separate annoucements and stickies from the messages"

Stickies and Announcements Sticky11

Stickies and Announcements Sticky12

Stickies and Announcements Sticky13


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