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The points system

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The points system Empty The points system

Post by Shadow March 13th 2009, 11:52 am

The points system


The point system is a system based on different criteria and allowing users to evaluate.

How are points calculated?

    * Points generated by the number of posts * Points generated by the number of topics created * Points generated by the number of friends that the user has * Reputation points * Points generated by the registration date of the member * Points generated by the number of message on his profile

Note :

After updating Forumotion, the points generated by the member registration will only be taken into account when activating the system with the already existing forums. In this case, the calculation will start from the date of the forum. For other criterias, the timer is triggered when activating the system for the first time and not since the forum creation! For forums created after the update, they already incorporate this system into their database and will automatically calculate the parameters when the admin activates the option.

How it works:

Activate it in Modules -> Point System

The points system 18032010

You can also configure other settings in this section:

  • * Show or not the average points per message.
    * Customize the field name "points".
    * Choose to display this field in the profile and / or messages.
    Warning: You need to activate the advanced profile so that this field is displayed correctly in the profile.
    * Who is allowed to see the field.

To set the number of points awarded by different actions, go to the "points management".

The points system 18032010

You can also distribute (or take off points: this field accepts positive values such as negative!) the required points for any member and / or group through the "Points donation" section.

The points system 18032011

This is the result in messages:

The points system 12-03-15

In the profile:

The points system 12-03-16

Let's go now Wink


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The points system Empty Re: The points system

Post by Ape August 1st 2021, 11:15 pm

This had a new update.
To see the news update please read this topic / Tutorial  UPDATE: Points and reputation Update

The points system Left1212The points system Center11The points system Right112
The points system Ape_b110
The points system Keep_s10
The points system Ape1010

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