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Smilies making posts disappear!!

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Smilies making posts disappear!! Empty Smilies making posts disappear!!

Post by alicia May 28th 2009, 1:01 pm

Hello to anyone who is there.

We have a problem on my forum and my members are getting frustrated with it.

when they click to add an emoticon to the text of their post, the sentence they have just typed disappears and they have to type it all over again. this can be particularly annoying if they had just typed a long post.

This does not happen every time but when it does it is very annoying. It has recently happened to me as wells o I know they are not imagining it.

As a result some of them have stopped using the smilies which is a shame as they cheer up the look of the posts.

Can anyone suggest why this might happen?

Cheers bye

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