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Forumotion or MMO Guild specialized portal/forum

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Forumotion or MMO Guild specialized portal/forum Empty Forumotion or MMO Guild specialized portal/forum

Post by MrHaugen Wed Dec 09 2009, 11:10


I just tested forumotion forums/portals for the last 3 days, and I have to say that I'm really impressed. The overall design and the good foundation of the portal/forum is unmatched. It's easy to re-design and manage. When it comes to features, I'm afraid that it might have it's shortcomings when it comes to MMORPG gamers though.

Maybe some of you can help me to figure out if I can use forumotion anyway. If there's ways I can add features with some tweaking I'm definitely staying with you. I really don't like the design/coding of the alternatives like "guildportal". If there's features that's in the works, I'm also willing to wait.

What I'm looking for in a portal/forum that I have found in alternatives, but have not discovered yet in forumotion (in order based on priority):

  • Shoutbox (Chatbox is nice to have, but a way to see the last few quick conversations without logging in is a big plus)
  • Event handling (a way to enter events to your calendar and have a list of this upcoming events)
  • Character database. I saw something like this on forumotion, but I'm not sure how it's used, and if it can interact with something else on the portal. Sort of a roster system? What I would love is to enable a user to create several characters with level, gear, professions etc, and to be able to sign up this characters to events.
  • FAQ. This is something I've not seen on guildportal, and adding things here will help us much. But is it possible to remove or edit existing FAQ's that does not concern us? To much on this page and people will not bother using it.
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