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Change color options of footer in threads?

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Change color options of footer in threads? Empty Change color options of footer in threads?

Post by CloverTea April 2nd 2010, 7:23 pm

I don't remember changing this, but I must have ticked some box somewhere...

basically, if you go into a thread on my forum there is a general 'footer' area that used to be it is now WHITE.

Can anyone help me fix this? Here is a picture...circled in red is the area that is now white, that I would like to be transparent:

And here is a link to a thread where you can scroll down to see the footer yourself.

What I'm also noticing, is that it's only for SOME categories/sections that the white shows up, and in other places it's fine. For instance, for me this thread has transparent section to the footer:

I'm so confused ;^; Thanks for any help you can give!!!

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