[CNAME] Redirect an extern domain name that you own to your board

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[CNAME] Redirect an extern domain name that you own to your board

Post by The Godfather on September 7th 2007, 3:32 pm

[CNAME] Redirect an extern domain name that you own to your board

If you have a domain name purchased outside Forumotion, you have the possibility to make it leads to your Forumotion forum.

Linking an external domain name to your forum is only possible for forums in or package: if this is not the case for your forum, you will need to subscribe a package before you can link an external domain name (how to?).

If your forum has already subscribed to the advanced or premium package, go to your domain name administration panel as shown below (the images shown here are just an example! It goes without saying that there are as many different administration panels as there are domain name providers, but the principle always remains the same).

First step: Connect yourself to your extern domain name website.

Second step: Go to the administration panel of your domain name website.

Third step: Start the modifications in the Administration Panel.

Last step: Validate your domain name in the administration panel of your board.

Your domain name is now ready to use ! Wink
I have already a homepage, can I link a subdomain with my forumotion board?
[ex.: forum.my_domain.com]

Yes, of course - it's almost the same procedure as above. Just assign the CNAME to your subdomain instead:

When you choose the sub-domain which you wish to use on your forum (forum.my_domain, for example, is a sub-domain of my_domain), you have to create the corresponding CNAME entry in the DNS administration of your domain: a CNAME entry allows to point an url towards the other one in a transparent way. That way, you can link forum.my_domain with forumotion board YourForum.forumotion.com.

Any recorder of domains names possesses different interfaces, and thus different methods to create such CNAME. However, in a general way, the process takes place as described below:

  • Connect to your user account on the site of your domain name provider, and go to the DNS management.

  • Check that the chosen sub-domain is not already used.

  • In the generally entitled field "source", "origin", or "alias" enter the prefix of sub-domain (i.e. "Forum" if you want to use the sub-domain forum.my_domain).

  • In the generally entitled field "destination" or " target host ", enter the original url of your forum, address.my_forum.

  • You will maybe have to inform the TTL (Time To Live): define the maximal possible value here.

Buying a external domain name will not allow you to redirect your Forumotion sub domain to your external domain.

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