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3 way topic

Post by ryo aokawa on June 14th 2010, 7:00 pm

when you get a free fourm and you make a Category and you make a fourm , then you can make a topic and then you can post ,i seen a site: http://narutor.ingoo.us/mission-request-f113/ : that thay make a Category then a fourm then like a main topic then the topics

so like when you go on one of the forums then you go on a topic and then you can post
but in that one you can go on one of the fourms and then a topic and in that topic there is topics about that topic . i made it again as people did not get me i hope you alll can help if you can i will be sooooo happy .

so like in a normal fourm you get a topic then you can see what people have posed and you can post but in that one you go on a fourm and then there is topics eg rules and in that there may be one called what are rules and what thay do like thay thank you
ryo aokawa

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Re: 3 way topic

Post by Sanket on June 14th 2010, 7:09 pm

Garbaged, please don't make multiple topics.

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