Posting Suspensions

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Posting Suspensions

Post by Gasol_The_Great on July 6th 2010, 8:20 am

I believe mods/admins should have another disciplinary tool in addition to the ban. In many situations, I have felt as though a ban was too strict a punishment, but a simple warning was not enough.

My idea was adding an option to suspend a member's ability to post comments in the forums for a predetermined period of time.

So if a member breaks a rule that really isnt worthy of a ban, but a warning will not work either, you can suspend their posting permissions.

How it would work:
Next to "ban this member" there would be an option to "suspend posting privileges". If you click this, you would then be redirected to a page that asks how long the suspension will last, and what the reason for the suspension is *optional*.

A posting suspension will only disallow a member from posting comments in the forums. He/she can still log in, use the PM system, the chatbox, anything in the portal, etc.

So, what are your thoughts? Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy


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Re: Posting Suspensions

Post by Jophy on April 20th 2013, 1:31 pm

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