Maximum security for your forum.

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Maximum security for your forum.

Post by Dragon~ on November 21st 2010, 12:37 pm

Forumotion is the only forum hosting on the web to combine professional quality for free and responsiveness by listening daily to its users.

On Forumotion your forum is safe

Forumotion offers professional service and security to your forums, often better than the payed offers. The administration and maintenance of such a system requires a daily monitoring. Our technical infrastructure and our daily efforts allow us to fully ensure the integrity and security of all data on all our services. Your forum is in perfect safety on Forumotion. At any time, you can restore your data using the rescue tools.

Security of your Forumotion forum

Our team of system and network administrators implements architectures networks dedicated servers for Forumotion forums. Our technical support ensures server maintenance and continuous availability of our servers. Our team works daily for the proper functioning of technical material, to guard or repair any errors.

Regular updates, automatic and free of charge

The security updates are very frequent and automatic. You don't need to worry about it! You are thus protected from any failure: your data is stored and preserved on Raid50 daily, you are protected against human errors, massive strikes and you are forewarned against spam.

Just a quick question, we have a forum in the UK supplied by and see that you have made the above statement, how is it then that as an administrator of our forum I find that unwanted adds have been recently splashed over our main page that we have never asked for.
Over the years we have had the forum we have never asked for adds or wanted them.
I don’t seem to have the rights or function to be able to remove them so can some one please explain the above statement as it seems to contradict with its self when someone can go into our forum and advertise themselves with out our say so.

Cheers Dave

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Re: Maximum security for your forum.

Post by MrMario on November 21st 2010, 4:01 pm

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This doesn't have to deal with the statement above that you quoted. Forumotion own's all their forums which is why you are seeing ad's. They have a contract with Google. If you really want them gone, you should buy credits and remove them in the misc tab. You can set them to guest to see by going to General // Configuration // Who can see ad's // Guest // Save


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