Differences between Forum and Category

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Differences between Forum and Category

Post by The Godfather on November 5th 2007, 11:30 am

Differences between Forum and Category

When it comes to set permissions in forums, the most frequent problem experienced by new members is the fact that sometimes, they don't see the permission control panel, even if they are in Management+. The reason is simple : many newbies have problems to differenciate forums and categories.

Differences between "Forum" and "Category"

Arrow Can't contain any topic in itself. It contains only forums or other categories. A category is used to regroup forums who have a common theme..
Arrow We can't set permissions for categories because they don't contain any topic by themselves. We must then set the permissions of each forum inside the category.
Arrow Examples on this forum : "Miscellaneous"

Arrow Can contain topics as well as other forums or categories.
Arrow We can set the permissions for a forum because of the fact that it contains topics.
Arrow Examples on this forum : "Frequently Asked Questions", "Need of an Administrator", "General Discussions", "Garbage"

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