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The Support forum v2.0 is now online!

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The Support forum v2.0 is now online! Empty The Support forum v2.0 is now online!

Post by Tristou September 8th 2006, 9:43 pm

Hello everyone !
We are glad to announce you that there is new stuff on Editboard's support forum ! We are sure this will please you Wink

First of all, a new design, mostly made by Katt, has been installed ! At the same time, we say a big "Thank you" to the French support staff for their help and support in the realisation of the new design.

What comes next ? Another new feature which will please everyone a lot ! You will have a section where you can promote your board in only a few clicks! This section can be found here : click here to view the forum promotion
But beware! There are rules which are specific to this section, so this section will become a clear and clean reference for your board researches.

And about rules : We remind to you all that there are rules on this board and we invite you to read them : click here to view the forum's general rules
This reminder became necessary because lately, we noticed a multiplication of non-explicative titles, writing in SMS, double-posting and support requests in topic which are not their own....

We also invite you to fill up your profiles, because it happened many times that when you posted about a problem and that we need to take a look to your board, we had to ask you to give your board address because you haven't put it in your profile or the link in your profile is broken.

Have a nice navigation on the newly decorated support forum ! Wink

Editboard Team

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