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LOST DATA (only topic thread)

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In progress LOST DATA (only topic thread)

Post by kirk August 21st 2011, 3:00 am

hey i noticed we are getting a few of the same topics being posted due to the forumotion tech problems.

So if you are one that is experiencing any problems such as these please post in this thread only
Or you can reply and check for updates here.

Skylie.Dee.Doo wrote:Okay, so Uhm.. Hi!
Every post has been cleared on my website.. We aren't sure what happened..
You can still see the person who posted it and when, you just can't see the words. Any idea how to fix it, or prevent it?

Please contact me through private message, or on my website

Thanks Much!

jesus77755 wrote:Okay, my forum which i talked about before, well my admin account got deleted because i made my member "rommel" an administrator, and i don't know if he banned me or not, my admin account name is "Admin", and I tried to sign in and typed in my password and username, and I press logged in and it says, "You have specified an incorrect or inactive username, or an invalid password." So what I did was I went to the member list and I found out that my admin username wasn't showing which is "Admin", here go to my forum (the link above) and go to members list, my username is "Admin", you will notice it's not there. Please admins and moderators, you got to help me!!! This is a very serious question and i need answers, I took me 6 months to get all these members!!! Please this is not no joke, like i'm playing around, this is serious! I need help really fast!!! Crying or Very sad
th4nhc0n9 wrote:Hi... This morning many members of my forum found out that their information on profile such number of posts, number of poins & avatar also have been changed.

The number of posts, points are reduced. The avatar is the old one

I need an explanation. Thanks
LeonhartLion wrote:I just wanted to add that whatever is going on is also screwing with chatboxes like crazy.

I've seen lag problems in them before but automatically kicking OUT every member!? And constantly too. And the convos get erased or all scrambled. In all my years with sites, it's never benn a problem I've seen before

No appearance problems tho. Just the site won't load half the time and is leading to members to loose their posts they're working on

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