New update : "Topic Order" and "Multiple portal pages"

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New update : "Topic Order" and "Multiple portal pages"

Post by Shadow on January 14th 2008, 3:29 pm


In an effort to continually improve our services, and to bring you the best of forums hosting, we have made the following updates:

1. The number of characters for topics titles has been revised to 255, administrators can define in the admin panel a minimum and maximum of characters for this title.
(AP>> General>> Configuration: Length of the title of a topic)

2. During the validation of a new message, you are notified if a user posted a message before yours. His message then appears in the journal of the topic, so you can modify your message or validate it. (Useful to avoid duplication of responses)

3. Administrators have the ability to change the order of topics in a forum, according to the date of messages, number of views, number of responses, the message title, and date of creation.
(AP>> Forum>> Categories and forums: for each forum)

Each forum and subregional forum can be resynchronized individually in the admin panel.
(AP>> Forum>> Categories and forums: for each forum and sub-forum)

Administrators have the ability to ban an e-mail address or set of e-mail (with the * wildcard, such as: * @
(AP>> Users & Groups>> ban control>> Banishment by e-mail)

Administrators have the ability to manage multiple pages portal, but to only display one.
(AP> Modules>> Management Portal pages)

Possibility when writing a message to put it in rough form. It will not be sent but it will be stored in the management of drafts messages
(See profile in its category)

8. In profile, you can add members as friends or ignored. The administrator needs to activate this feature in the admin panel>> Users & Groups>> User Options: Authorize Management friends / ignored.
(See profile in its category)

Administrators have the ability to change the warning message while pruning members.

10. The search of a pruned member is refined through the character that expresses * (user did not connect to the forum)
(AP>> Users & Groups>> prune users)

New tutorials explaining in detail these new features will soon be put in place.

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