New update : "Message edition" and "Security"

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New update : "Message edition" and "Security" Empty New update : "Message edition" and "Security"

Post by Shadow February 21st 2008, 10:03 am


We inform you that we have done an update for Forumotion which introduced new features for your forums:

1. Nickname automatic addition of the person who edited a message + the possibility of adding a reason for this edition.

New update : "Message edition" and "Security" Upl9155330758


New update : "Message edition" and "Security" Upl0638818072

2. Security logs into the admin panel are much more accurate and complete and detect the slightest action on the forum.

(Admin panel > General > Security)

3. Establishment of a topic printable version.

New update : "Message edition" and "Security" Upl5182510942

4. Permissions for access to the list of members and groups: those permissions can be given to administrators, moderators, members or guests.

(Admin panel > General > Configuration)

New update : "Message edition" and "Security" Upl8104517077

Sincerely yours banana

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