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Post by VoyagerK Wed 18 Jul - 21:34

Network Next
Network Next Networ10

Choice of Category: Misc
Language: English
Forum's Purpose: The forum was created to be a sort of hot spot for YouTubers, deviantARTISTS, and other media users where people can get updates from their favorite respective web personalities and hopefully build a bit of a media community while also being exposed to the styles of others. Reviewers, Artists, Comedians, Film Makers, etc. The site has a broad variety of options. Members who draw a particularly high amount of attention may be noticed by the site admin or moderators. This may lead to them becoming Featured Members. Also, people can also recommend others to the higher-ups in hopes that said higher-ups will take notice and their favorite members get that honor.

Admin: Silver
Moderator(s): None Yet
Featured Member(s): Silver

Admin & Mod Sections
Arrow Rule
Arrow News Updates
Arrow Hiring Line

Featured Members
Voyage Network(Category)
((More Categories To Be Added As Members Join))

Arrow Open Area

Arrow Entertainment
Arrow Website Advertising
Arrow Help!
Arrow Site Suggestions & Aid

Obviously the site would have to grow but it has the potential to reach its long term goal. The portal also holds a 'Featured Work' tab in which anyone's work, whether a Featured Member or not, can be placed on display for all the site to see.

The site is connected to the YouTube Channel: NetworkNextTV (Run by Silver) and will likely soon have both a Facebook and Twitter to back it up (Neither of which will be run by Silver)

The site is still in the process of looking for moderators and there is technical help to be had.

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