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New features: Toolbar, Notifications, and More!

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New features: Toolbar, Notifications, and More! Empty New features: Toolbar, Notifications, and More!

Post by Shadow February 7th 2013, 10:52 am

New update
New Features: Toolbar, Notifications, and More!

Hello members of Forumotion Very Happy

Here's another surprise to add on to the updates announced here...

A toolbar with a notification center
This option will quickly become a must have for most forums! The Forumotion ToolBar contains social sharing buttons (which guarantees an optimal visibility on the web), a search engine and many shortcuts to manage your profile.

There will be also a notification center for your forum. It will inform you almost instantaneously of the receiving of a friend request, a private message, a profile message, a message in a watched topic, a request to join a group, an abuse reported on the forum, and even when your friends log into the forum!


The activation of the Toolbar is done via the Admin Panel >> Modules >> ToolBar >> Configuration >> Activate the toolbar. With the choice to let it be fixed at the top of all forum pages or make it "floating" (moving while you scroll).

The notification center is managed directly from the toolbar in the tab "Notifications", after having activate the toolbar. You can choose there all the notifications that you want to receive.


The personalization of the toolbar color is possible through the CSS stylesheet of the forum (Admin Panel >> Display >> Pictures and Colors >> Colors >> CSS Stylesheet) by adding the following code :

  • Case of a color as background for the toolbar :
    #fa_toolbar, #fa_toolbar_hidden {background-color: #xxxxxx !important;}

    #xxxxxx is corresponding to the hexadecimal code of the color.

  • Using a background image as the background of the toolbar :
    #fa_toolbar, #fa_toolbar_hidden {background: url('http://image_url');}

New features: Toolbar, Notifications, and More! 64x64_13 Important note:

There's an important note to take into account about the toolbar display:

  • Admins which have forums in the versions PhpBB2 & PunBB with the template overall_header personalized, must absolutely be sure that the tag {HOSTING_JS} between the 2 tags <head>...</head>is existing in the template so that the toolbar can be functional.

We hope you'll enjoy it ! cheers

Best regards,
Forumotion Staff


PS : Feel free to give your opinion about the new updates here.

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