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Credits Management

Post by Caihlem on Tue 31 Oct 2006 - 16:38

Credits Management


Credits allows you to enjoy additional options such as the removal of advertising on your forum, a personalized domain name, e-mail boxes, increase the storage capacity of your gallery and more. If you have any questions or issues regarding credits then please open a topic in the Credits and Domain Name Problems forum. Be aware that the credit is not refundable, however you keep the credit on your forum as long you don't spend it. You cannot transfer the credit to another forum.

Please note: Only the founder can purchase credits. However members can donate to the forum and their donations will automatically be turned into credits.

How to buy credits?

Go to your administrative Panel: Admin Panel>> Misc>> Buy credits

Forumotion uses two different ways to buy credits: AlloPass and Hipay

How to spend credits?

Go to your administrative Panel: Admin Panel>> Misc>> Spends credits

Currently, there are 4 options:

1- Increase the storage space for your gallery:

By default, you have 10MB at hand for free. If you want to have more storage for your gallery you just need to go to:

Misc >> Credits Management >> Spend Credits >> Storage

More info on the following tutorial: Manage your storage space

2- Remove the ads (Google ads)

Misc >> Credits Management >> Spend Credits >> Ads

You have 2 options:
- Remove ads for members
- Remove ads for members and guests

Be aware, you remove ads for a limited period.

3- Buy a custom domain name

Misc >> Credits Management >> Spend Credits >> Domain Name

More information on the following tutorial: Custom Domain Name
Outside domain name here: Add a CNAME

4- Remove copyright

This option allows you to remove For Forumotion copyrights on the footer.
Please note:

It is mandatory to have "PhpBB, Invision and PunBB" and "report an abuse" links. Removing copyrights from your administrative panel won't remove those links.
By cliking on PhpBB, Invision and PunBB links an informative page about forums versions will appear.
Those pages are on Forumotion website. Be aware, you cannot remove those links.

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