A forum is trying to hack us!

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Solved A forum is trying to hack us!

Post by moi_lolito on June 6th 2013, 2:05 pm

Hello to all!

I'm sorry to contact about something like this, but a friend copied me a conversation that took place in a yugioh forum (chaosera.org) that wants to attack our own yugioh forum (prorevolution.net), I can provide you screenshots of the copied conversation in skype if you want so you see I didn't change the text or something, but at first I just copy you the simple text to see if something can be done about this (they talk about a guy named Mister, that's my nickname in the game, and pra = pro revolution academy, my forum):

[02:27:33 06/06/13] MasterMarcus : i wanna take out pra
[02:27:59 06/06/13] @ Sabbaticus : Marcus, if we wanted, we could take out PRA like it was nothing
[02:28:11 06/06/13] @ Sabbaticus : so I don't know where mister comes from saying it's a war
[02:28:25 06/06/13] @ Sabbaticus : because if it WERE a war, they wouldn't have an academy to return to
[02:28:46 06/06/13] MasterMarcus : i think i wanna get my buddie to hack them
[02:29:03 06/06/13] MasterMarcus : just to screw them
[02:29:10 06/06/13] MasterMarcus : and all there "hardwork"
[02:29:11 06/06/13] @ Sabbaticus : like I said, we could screw them over till oblivion
[02:30:16 06/06/13] MasterMarcus : i dnt threaten
[02:30:20 06/06/13] MasterMarcus : i just do it
[02:30:36 06/06/13] MasterMarcus : and if u want
[02:30:40 06/06/13] MasterMarcus : i can get my buddies to hack
[02:30:52 06/06/13] MasterMarcus : free of charge
[02:30:56 06/06/13] MasterMarcus : x:P
[02:31:07 06/06/13] @ Sabbaticus : like I said we can do that ourselves
[02:31:12 06/06/13] MasterMarcus : i want them gone
[02:31:17 06/06/13] MasterMarcus : xD
[02:31:20 06/06/13] MasterMarcus : no fun watching
[02:31:22 06/06/13] @ Sabbaticus : we could spam them, remove them, make their lives hell
[02:31:55 06/06/13] MasterMarcus : u know wat i might just play there game
[02:31:58 06/06/13] MasterMarcus : join pda
[02:32:00 06/06/13] MasterMarcus : pra*
[02:32:06 06/06/13] MasterMarcus : get to admin status
[02:32:34 06/06/13] MasterMarcus : i cna screw them to high hell
[02:34:57 06/06/13] MasterMarcus : aahhh lifes greatest fun
[02:35:04 06/06/13] MasterMarcus : making fun of a 27 year old brat
[02:35:10 06/06/13] MasterMarcus : who has no life

Well, as you can see a clear harrasment is taking place here, what can be done about this? I don't really care what these losers are saying about me in particular, cause most of them are 16-18 years old brainless teenagers that don't know or have anything in life, but if they really try to hack us, I don't want my community to suffer the consequences of that.

Is there anything that can be done about this?

Thanks for your time Smile


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Solved Re: A forum is trying to hack us!

Post by Derri on June 6th 2013, 2:39 pm


Most of these people are like you said, brainless, trash talking idiots who are making threats to make themselves sound "big" when in reality they are just talking out their backside.

I personally would ban and IP ban this person to prevent them from rejoining your forum.

You can take a look at a couple of security tutorials surrounding forumotion.

If you click this link https://help.forumotion.com/t59451-frequently-asked-questions

And then find this heading:

To be read:
Security and Foundation

I'd suggest reading this thread in particular: https://help.forumotion.com/t11386-forumotion-maximum-security-for-your-forums

Like you said, these people are complete brainless idiots and are only trying to scare and talk big. Just ensure you don't give out your password or other personal information and you'll be fine.

One last thing you can do would be to fill out a complaint against this forum, which you can read about here https://help.forumotion.com/t12330-complaint-against-a-forum-how-to and you can provide screenshots etc.

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Solved Re: A forum is trying to hack us!

Post by moi_lolito on June 6th 2013, 2:47 pm

thanks a lot, I will follow all the steps ^^


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Solved Re: A forum is trying to hack us!

Post by Sanket on June 6th 2013, 2:56 pm

Topic Solved & Locked

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