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Profile view on posts.

Post by Zuke on December 4th 2014, 5:06 pm

Hello, I noticed on this forum the design and I really love it, although the forum isn't hosted by Forumotion I still believe that it could be done.

Here is my friends and how I want it to look, also the stars on it are for rating people, if they press 5 stars it should stay 5 stars and if so many people vote 4, it shall go down to 4, I would like to add that too. And the reputation box I would love to add which updates each time someone gets a like or dislike. And the badges under neath, I would like to give people badges and I want to know how to add badges to be displayed like that and people can earn them.

The design I want:

My design what I want to change for that design ^

Please try give me the best way to me it try look like a replica of the first picture, thanks!




As you see on the first picture the reputation is yellow/orange. 

I would like it to be green like this:

BUT it will change to the yellow/orange color one you reach 600 reputation and over.

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