Community Coding and Analysis Zone Rules

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Important Community Coding and Analysis Zone Rules

Post by Derri on June 18th 2015, 3:45 pm

Community Coding and Analysis Zone Rules

Hello Dear Members

Welcome to the Community Coding and Analysis Zone.

What is the Community Coding and Analysis Zone?

The Community Coding and Analysis Zone is intended for those who are either wanting to post experimental tutorials, projects or codes that are to do with Forumotion Forums. In addition to this, the section is also for those who want to provide analysis of new and existing features that Forumotion offers in order to give a better understand to how these features work.

Important Information

The general rules still apply to this forum and, so if you're unaware of them then please familiarize yourself with them before posting in this section. Do not post anything that violates the Forumotion Terms of Service which can be found here, this includes codes that will remove the Ads, abuse link or anything else contained within Forumotions terms of service.

Managers are in charge of this section. In the event you have an issue, please feel free to contact anyone in this group.


If you would like to submit an official tutorial now or after you've posted in this section then please read this thread.

Please be aware that Forumotion is not held responsible for any of the codes that are posted here. Forumotion is not responsible for any incidents that result from adding this code to your forums. These are not official tutorials endorsed by Forumotion.


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