"Misleading website" security issue reported by Google

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Important "Misleading website" security issue reported by Google

Post by APE on April 5th 2016, 3:49 pm

"Misleading website" security issue reported by Google
Hello everyone,

 Several users have reported the appearance of a Google warning page on the landing page of their forum.

 This problem is due to a reaction to Google (officially announced in early February on their blog), which now partially blocks access to sites containing "misleading content" (including download buttons for malware or phishing) via a warning page like this:

If you encounter this issue, please firstly to carefully inspect the content that you have added to your forum, including the pages affected by this alert (you can see it by clicking on down details left of the page 'Warning).  Very often external codes, advertisements, images hosted on areas considered malicious (...) which raise concern.

 Secondly, to remove this alert your forum, you must do the following:

 1) Try to see if your forum really a concern

It is possible that you use an external script that was hijacked and became malicious.  So use specialized security services to see if something dangerous is this, here are two that you can use:

 > https://www.google.com/transparencyreport/safebrowsing/diagnostic/
 > https://www.stopbadware.org/review-search

 2) Report the concern directly in the browser

Open Forum Chrome> click on "Details"> click on "report a problem detection"> complete the form.
 Open forum on Firefox> click on "Details"> click on "report a problem detection"> complete the form.

 It can also be helpful to ask members of your forum to this manipulation because there will be more of alerts, the quicker the issue will be addressed.

 3) Request a review on Google Webmaster

Enter the forum on Google Webmaster (if not already), then go to the "Security Issue" tab and request a review.

Please see here >> https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/2600725?hl=en

 IMPORTANT: at this stage, Google will ask you to explain what you corrected.  You can copy / paste the text directly below and join the results of the security services mentioned above, saying that your site is safe.


 We have removed the site advertising provider that displayed advertisements to download software.  Its ads are no longer displayed at all on the forum.  My members are reporting to me that the site is safe.

 thank you,

If you find on your own forum or other Forumotion forums you visit, commercials with such download buttons (see below) or prompting you to download a kind of software "Flash" for example, thank you to send the url of the forum and the link target (right click on the image of the pub> Copy link) so that we can also treat our side.

PM one of the flowing staff members:

Title your PM "Google security ad's"


  Please remember to post the link in the PM using the Code tag system

Some examples of reported advertising:

thank you all for your understanding

 The Forumotion Team


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