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Javascript to add drop-down menu to toolbar?

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Javascript to add drop-down menu to toolbar? Empty Javascript to add drop-down menu to toolbar?

Post by Soulmonster April 11th 2016, 19:29


At my site ( I want to add drop-down menus to the toolbar. By tweaking Ange Tuteur's tutorial for adding new share buttons to the toolbar ( and this newbie tutorial for generating drop-down menus using CSS and JS (, I have been able to insert a new button which, when clicked, will open a simple drop-down menu. Aside from all the CSS styling that needs to be added to make it look good, and which I struggle with, I have a few more important concerns/problems:

1. The HTML code that is used to generate the content of the drop-down menu is now stored in Ange Tuteur's JS script for share buttons. I don't believe JS at Forumotion can contain sufficient code to make me design the drop-down menus I want to create.

2. I already have the drop-down menus created, and they are stored as widgets (look to the right side of my forum). Is it possible with JS to move the position of these widgets from the widget panel into the toolbar? And if so, can I still style them with CSS to make them look less, well, crappy?

Thanks in advance!

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