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Forumotion copyrights

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Forumotion copyrights Empty Forumotion copyrights

Post by The Godfather April 23rd 2018, 5:54 pm

Forumotion copyrights

Forumotion copyrights are links placed at the bottom of each forum belonging to the Forumotion family, and in its toolbar. These links appear this way:

Forumotion copyrights Copy110

These links are useful to quickly identify who is the host of a forum, to be able to use the tools offered by our services (report abuse) but also to display the required ©️phpBB/punBB/Invision copyright.

Can these mandatory information be modified?

The Forumotion Terms of service say that : is entirely free site. We strive to offer quality service. We ask that you do not remove the copyright information set up on your forums on the toolbar and the footer through means other than the one provided, namely via the credits management. It is also forbidden to remove or hide the sponsored links through any means other than the one provided, namely the credits management.

It is therefore forbidden to remove footer links in any other way than that provided for, i.e. credit management. This is a paid option, and getting the same result by some other means may lead to the deletion of your forum. It is forbidden to modify, delete or even hide (by making the text unreadable, for example) these indications.

Removal of footer links in Premium package

The deactivation of Forumotion copyrights in the footer of the forum pages as well as in its toolbar is reserved to the Premium package forums. Indeed, the acquisition of this package gives the board founder the right to disable Forumotion copyrights if he wishes.

To subscribe a Forumotion copyrights 312592876 package, go to your Administration panel  Misc  Credits management - Forumotion Packages

Once the package is subscribed, an option allows you to disable the copyrights. This option is not enabled by default, so you must enable it if you want to take advantage of this feature included in the package. The copyrights will be removed for the duration of validity of its Premium package.

Administration panel  Misc  Credits management  Spend credits - Copyrights

Forumotion copyrights Copy210

The package allows you to remove most footer links, except those that are required by law: the copyright of your forum version (phpBB, Invision, PunBB...) and the "report an abuse" link.

In short, this appearance before deletion:

Forumotion copyrights Copy110

Will look like this once the copyrights are removed via the package :

Forumotion copyrights Copy310

Adding additional links

On the other hand, you can add (for free) your own footer link on your forum, to show partnerships or useful topics for example.

To do so, go to your administration panel  Modules  Footer links - Configuration

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