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Monetization of your forum

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Monetization of your forum Empty Monetization of your forum

Post by The Godfather Mon 23 Apr - 11:56

Monetization of your forum

Forum monetization allows you to use Forumotion's main advertising spaces to place your own ads.


This feature requires two prerequisites :

  • It is only available for premium package forums: if this is not the case of your forum, you will need to subscribe a Monetization of your forum 312592876 package before you can activate the easy monetization (how to?)

  • The forum must first have disabled ads for members and guests.


Go to your Administration panel  General  Forum - Monetization of the forum

Monetization of your forum Moneti11

Monetization offers you three different spaces to display your ads: each text box can receive the codes provided by your advertising network. Note that it is recommended to insert responsible ad blocks to fit visitors screens.

  • "Top of the page" advertising space (728x90) :
    See the example:

  • "Footer" advertising space :
    See the example:

  • "Mobile" advertising space : This zone is dedicated to the mobile version of your forum :
    See the example:

 Some advertising networks make it mandatory to modify the ads.txt file at the root of your forum. Note that you can easily edit this file from your admin panel.

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