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New updates on Forumotion

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New updates on Forumotion Empty New updates on Forumotion

Post by Tristou December 6th 2006, 10:01 pm

We have just updated the whole of the forums.

The main modifications of this update are as follows:
1. Addition of a panel of innovation, to keep you informed of important information
2. Addition of a ChatBox
3. A tool for the simulation of dice
4. An improved system to limit the inscriptions and the messages of spam bots
5. Possibility of adding HTML pages
6. Possibility of removing the old newsletters
7. Possibility of having a personalized domain name
8. Possibility of showing the members connected during last hours
9. Statistics of the surveys in the administration panel
10. Addition of a field "skype" in the profile
11. Correction of various bugs

A great thanks to the whole Forumotion Staff who helped during the test phases and without whom most of these updates would not have been possible.

Good continuation,
The Editboard Staff

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