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The New Updates on Forumotion

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The New Updates on Forumotion Empty The New Updates on Forumotion

Post by Caihlem August 23rd 2006, 18:15


As some of you may already have noticed, Editboard has been updated. You will find underneath a non exhaustive list of all the updates.

On the Public Section:

    - The ability for a user to Auto-delete
    - The improvement of the management of contacts by e-mail
    - The modifications on Signatures
    - A better management of the different pages
    - Mailing to a friend
    - The addition on the hide tag
    - Facilitated inscription with optional or obliged fields
    - The seperation of profils into smaller components
    - Character role play sheet
    - Calender: regrouping the events/birthdays
    - Ability to add on the FAQ

On the Administration Level:

    - New mangement of the categories
    - The improvement of inscription with optional or obliged fields editable by the administrators
    - The improvement of the Search button in the navigation bar
    - The posibility to add a Favicon
    - The possibility of adding to the FAQ
    - A better management of Avatars
    - A better general management with different components
    - The addition of the Character Sheets option

We hope you'll appreciate the updates brought to your forums.

Yours cordially, the Editboard Staff

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