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Searching for new posts?

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Solved Searching for new posts?

Post by JennyorAlice January 9th 2019, 4:50 pm

So, I have a member on my forum that is curious about something. They want to know if there is an easy way to search for new posts. On my forum, it tells you which parts of the forum have new posts in them since the last time you logged on, however, this is a different feature if I'm not mistaken. Some forums have a feature where you can click on "view new posts" or "view today's posts" or something to that effect. I believe that is what the member is asking about. They want to know if I can get something like that on my forum, so can someone tell me if there is something that I can add to my forum or is it already there and I'm just over looking it?

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Solved Re: Searching for new posts?

Post by Jadster January 9th 2019, 4:57 pm

For this there is a "View Unanswered Posts" as well on the forums that will show all topics that have 0 replies since they were opened but it is either that or the "View Posts since Last Visit" option that will show the new stuff that has come onto the site. I do not believe there is a defaulted way to make that any easier.

Hope this helps!

~ Jadster

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Solved Re: Searching for new posts?

Post by Ape January 9th 2019, 11:06 pm

Problem solved & topic archived.
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