Hitskin - how to install properly

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Hitskin - how to install properly

Post by Jalokim on May 5th 2008, 12:07 pm

Hitskin - how to install properly

Forumotion offer a grand theming service for forumotion clients. Hitskin.com is the only place to get compatible forum skins for forumotion forums.

Here is the ultimate tutorial on how to get themes from hitskin to your forum.
I have separated installing from hitskin and installing for your admin panel.

Installing from Hitskin.com

First things first time to go to Hitskin.com and browse the available themes for your forum.


after clicking the "see more" button we open the previews to all the themes uploaded on hitskin.com
We can also use the built in search feature that can find themes in a specific color , language or even phpbb version


So you've been browsing ... once you notice the theme you want on your forum just click the image or the title of the theme. You will be redirected to the general information page about the theme of your choice.


After you are certain that the theme you picked matches all your specifications, it is recommended you preview the theme. You can preview the theme by clicking the image on the left or by clicking the button. The preview redirects you to a test forum... here you can click the buttons, you can see what topics look like and how well a theme works

Once you have made your pick, and you are fully satisfied, we may proceed to installing the theme.


Exclamation If you have your own Forumotion forum already all you do is fill in your forum's internet address and you click the install button.
Exclamation If you don't have your own forum yet ... no problem just click the start my forum with this skin button. You will be redirected to the forumotion forum starter page.

After clicking the install buttons members are redirected to their admin panels...


Once there all you do is confirm the theme... and there you have it the theme is installed

----> part 2 installing from admin panel

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Re: Hitskin - how to install properly

Post by Jalokim on May 23rd 2008, 11:03 am

Installing a theme from my admin panel

Many people get this one wrong... So here is the ultimate guide on how to properly install a hitskin theme from the comfort of your administration panel.

Step 1
accessing your admin panel
Go to: Admin panel -> Display -> Choose a theme
you will be welcomed with this page:

You will notice 2 tabs: the default themes and a hitskin tab. We will be installing a theme from hitskin so we click that tab. We will be redirected to the theme selection list:

choosing a theme

Here you will see a thumbnail of the themes available on hitskin. You can browse through the many pages and pick something for your forum. Once you've selected your future theme click on the image...



The thumbnail should light up and a preview will be shown below. Scroll down to the preview and see if it looks nice on your board. Now on your preview you shall see a top bar like this:

Notice the "install the skin" button ...
once you are satisfied click on the button. After clicking the "install the skin" button you should be redirected to the acceptance page as seen in image5 in the above post. Once again on the acceptance page you'll see details about the creator and type...

Click YES and the theme is installed.

WARNING! Do not ... and i mean DO NOT click the "save settings" button

^^ that button messes up the theme... it doesn't change the theme!!!
Only install buttons install themes!!


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