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Smilies / Emoticons

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Smilies / Emoticons Empty Smilies / Emoticons

Post by The Godfather November 5th 2007, 11:58 am

Smilies / Emoticons

What is a Smiley?

A Smiley, or emoticon, is a little picture that expresses an emotion. With that, you can illustrate what you say in a forum

Can I forbid the use of smileys in messages?

Yes, you can disable smileys by going to your "Admin Panel > General > Forum > Messages & Email", and by setting "Allow Smilies" to NO.

However, even if you disable smileys, they will still appear in the window at the left of the message writing field. If a member clicks on a smiley while you disabled them : the code of the smiley will appear instead of the picture (for example ":arrow :" instead of Arrow )

Can I add and remove smileys?

Editboard is provided with a pack of 94 smileys gathered in one of the categories.
Since August 17th 2005, they can be moved, modified or removed.

For boards created before August 17 2005 : the default smileys are in "Smilies 5"
For boards created after August 17 2005 : the default smileys are in "Smilies 1"

Including the default smileys, you can have up to 150 smileys in 5 different categories.

Note : For people who added the maximum amount of smilies before August 17th 2005: When you remove a smiley, you cannot replace it as long as you have more than 150 smileys.

Caution : Some smileys who are bigger than other may be counted as 2 or 3 smileys of average size.
The maximum size for smileys is 180*180 pixels and their weight must not exceed 50 KB.

If you add your own smileys, they will appear according to the category, the "Smilies 1" category will always appear in the 1st page. If you use two or more categories, you can access the other categories you use by clicking on the little arrow at the top of the smilies window.

How to add smileys?

The smileys you want to add must be saved in your computer. Their format must be .JPG, .GIF or .PNG


Go to your "Admin Panel > Display > Avatar > Smilies"

1) Give a name to your categories : Select "Smilies 1" and write the name of the category over the selection (ex : Happy) then submit. Re-do the same thing to all the categories that you want.
It's not necessary to rename the 5 categories. You cannot make more than 5 categoriees.

2) Add smileys : Click on "Add a new smiley". A new window will open.

Smiley code : To insert a smiley in a message, you have 2 possibilities. 1- You click on the smiley you want, in the window on the left. 2- You type directly its code in your message. Don't give a common name as a code, or every time you type the word, the smiley will appear instead of the word. If you use a common name, round them with : : (ex :laugh: :funny: :1: 🅰 :sakura: ). You can also use a serie of symbols (like the ones used in MSN Messenger), like ;-) that will display the Wink smiley)

Smiley emotion : This field is not necessary. This text will appear if you hover your mouse over the smiley for a few seconds.

Smiley category With the scrolling arrow, choose one of the categories you created on step 1)

Smiley Image file : Click on "Browse" to look for your smiley on your PC

Finally, click on "Submit".

If you make a mistake : you can edit a smiley that is already created, by clicking on "Edit" Smilies / Emoticons Editer, right of the smiley you want to modify, in the list.

Where can I find smileys?

Different websites are offering smileys to download for your forums and websites

On Google, with some variations in the word "smileys" or "smilies" - searching for "free smilies" should give you already some useful results.

In French (Even if you don't understand French, you can find a nice variety of smileys in these websites):


In English

In other languages
- (the list of smiley categories is in the left)

Other websites allow you to create your own smileys ( Add a panel where you write what you want on your smiley! )
- Smiley generators
- (Available in 6 languages)
- (in French)

With a graphic art software (Photoshop, Paint shop pro, PhotoFiltre, Paint, The gimp, etc.) and some experience, you can create from A to Z your own smileys with your own colors

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