Layout Messed Up

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Layout Messed Up

Post by Worse Doughnut on December 22nd 2010, 10:38 pm

Ok, i dont know what happened. I logged onto my forum this morning, and it was compleatly messed up. When i try and voew the forums it shows nothing, the scrolling "Recent Topics" Modula that was normally on the left of the screen now just lists the topics on the top of the screen and is stationary. I tried to view the members list, and instead of showing the list like normal it shows the pictures huge and lists them from side to side. Then, when i click on my profile nothing shows up, but if i view another persons forum i see this:

);$(this).find('.ajax-profil_edit').attr({alt: "Edit field value",title: "Edit field value"}).click(function(){$(this).prev().prev().removeClass('ajax-profil_hover').addClass('invisible').next().removeClass('invisible').append('').find('input,select');$(this).prev().find('.ajax-profil_valid').attr({alt: "Validate",title: "Validate"}).click(function(){var content = new Array();$(this).parent().find('[name]').each(function(){var type_special = $(this).is('input[type=radio],input[type=checkbox]');if ( (type_special && $(this).is(':checked')) || !type_special ){content.push(new Array($(this).attr('name'), $(this).attr('value')));}});var id_name = $(this).parents('[id^=field_id]').attr('id');var id = id_name.substring(8, id_name.length);$.post("/",{id:id,user:"18",active:"1",content:$.toJSON(content),sid:"b78cfb28c7ddcf29b1dcd3c8d48c0976"},function(data){$.each(data, function(i, item){$('[id=field_id' + i + ']').find('.field_uneditable').html(item).end().find('.ajax-profil_valid').remove().end().find('.field_editable').addClass('invisible').end().find('.field_uneditable').removeClass('invisible');});},"json");});$(this).remove();});}},function(){if( $(this).find('.field_editable.invisible').is('span') ){$(this).find('.field_editable').prev().removeClass('ajax-profil_hover');$(this).find('.ajax-profil_edit').remove();}});}});});//]]>

Can anyone help me or tell me what happened?
Worse Doughnut
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Re: Layout Messed Up

Post by Harperboy326 on December 22nd 2010, 10:42 pm

Kirk has made an Only Topic about this issue. Please post there.

Here is the Link

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