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Post by Shadow November 20th 2007, 11:55 am

New message editor
The new message editor has arrived, with a brand new and intuitive interface !
To activate this new editor, activate the option in your admin panel, "General" tab, "Configuration" menu, "activate the extended message editor" option.
Here are the new adds and improvements given by the editor :
- Using interface more dynamic.
- The WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) has been modified. It integrates itself way better to the interface, and its process has been optimized.
- The change between the normal editor and the WYSIWYG editor doesn't need no more refresh. The image host directly from your computer has been simplified, same for sending videos.
- All existing BBcode tags are accessible through this new interface
- And many other features...

New BBcode tags :
In order to make your writing more smooth and bring you a more enhanced layout, new BBCode tags have been
implemented :
The tag [strike] : allows you to strike your text.
The tag [hr ] allows you to trace a horizontal line.
The tags [youtube] and [dailymotion] complete the [flash] tag in order to post videos.
The tag [font] allows you to change your message font
The tags [sub] et [sup] allow you to put text as index and exposure
The tags [table], [tr] and [td] allow you to create HTML frames

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