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8th Infantry Division

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8th Infantry Division

Post by buddyboy5 on Fri Jan 29, 2016 12:27 am

Choice of Category: Games & RPG
Choice of Title: 8th Infantry Division
Forum Address:
Main Language: English
Forum Description:
8th Infantry Division

Website -
TeamSpeak IP -
Recruiting Email -

TeamSpeak 3
Working Mic
Signed Up On Website
Age - 16+

The 8th Infantry Division is a rapidly-growing milsim community, primarily based on Arma 3 and America's Army: Proving Grounds. Once you have joined the 8thID, you will be given the rank of Private, and training will begin. After you have completed your basic training, specializing in either Arma 3, AAPG, or both, you will be given the rank of Private 2, and from there on, you will be assigned to a squad. If you specialize in Arma 3, you will be able to choose whether you become an Infantryman, a Crewman, or an Aviator, and after being trained for that, you will be able to progress through the ranks. Operations and trainings will be held often, for both Arma 3 and AAPG, and with our growing community, we will soon be able to host full-scale operations.

Our Ranks:
Enlisted Soldier:
Private 2
Private First Class
Corporal - Noncommissioned Officer - Fire Team Leader
Sergeant - Noncommissioned Officer - Fire Team Leader
Staff Sergeant - Noncommissioned Officer - Squad Leader
Sergeant First Class - Noncommissioned Officer - Platoon Adviser - Senior Staff
Master Sergeant - Noncommissioned Officer - Principal Noncommissioned Officer - Senior Staff
First Sergeant - Noncommissioned Officer - Disciplinarian and Counselor - Senior Staff
Sergeant Major - Chief Administrative Assistants - Senior Staff
Command Sergeant Major - Senior Enlisted Advisor - Senior Staff
Sergeant Major of the Army - Senior Enlisted Advisor and Consultant - Senior Staff

Warrant Officers:
WARRANT OFFICER - Tactical Expert
CHIEF WARRANT OFFICER 2 - Intermediate Tactical Expert
CHIEF WARRANT OFFICER 3 - Advanced Tactical Expert
CHIEF WARRANT OFFICER 4 - Senior Tactical Expert
CHIEF WARRANT OFFICER 5 - Master Tactical Expert

SECOND LIEUTENANT - Platoon Lead - Senior Staff - Server Admin
FIRST LIEUTENANT - Executive Officer - Senior Staff - Server Admin
CAPTAIN - Commanding Officer - Senior Staff - Server Admin

Open Staff Positions:
Recruiters - Recruits Members
Fire Team Leaders - Leads a Fire Team
Judge Advocate General's Corps - Resolving Internal Conflicts
News Team - The news department constantly searches for the latest news within the clan.
Tech Team - Responsible for working behind the scene on the website and TeamSpeak.

How To Join:
Register on the Website.
Click the ¨Join 8thID¨ button on the homepage.
Join the TeamSpeak and have a live chat with a recruiter.
Wait for a recruiter to accept your application.
Once accepted follow the recruiter´s instructions to complete registration.

8thID hopes you can join us in TeamSpeak and in games while wearing our tags! We hope you enjoy you day! See you on the battlefield!
Executive Officer,
1LT Buddyboy5

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