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Detecting an intruder's IP before entry?

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Detecting an intruder's IP before entry?

Post by Renetona on December 2nd 2010, 9:44 am

Is it possible that the feature could be added one of these days or so that someone who is an administrator may detect where a "new member" has came from after they attempted to register before approval? I am quite skeptical about how so many new members have appeared and wanted to register to my forum and yet many of them do not even leave a single introduction, and also have me worried if the same abuser from is attempting to elicit even further damage to my new replacement forum... I would like the feature to know who has registered to my forum before approving them as some "members" attempting to get in are slick or so impatient that they are not there at the time of registration; therefore I can not tell if they are friend, stray, or foe... and I never tossed away my 'enemy data' yet it is painful on me by letting someone in who I can never tell is a spy or not, and worrying if I am being stalked further or am just going on the overdefensive. beu

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Re: Detecting an intruder's IP before entry?

Post by MarioBro on December 2nd 2010, 10:55 am

It Sound Good!it be good have ip on there profile after they signup users can signup just to hack u carnt get ip to ban the hacker if they do try even if they do activate it via email Admin should be able see IPS They registered from most free forum hosts uses this feature and it also make me fell more secure YES FROM ME!
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Re: Detecting an intruder's IP before entry?

Post by Sanket on December 2nd 2010, 7:02 pm

Its already been suggested. Isn't that the same that you are requesting.


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