phpbb3 moving username & rank above avatar

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phpbb3 moving username & rank above avatar

Post by Apex on September 10th 2014, 4:13 am

I wasn't exactly sure where to share this information, but I think it is very useful for phpbb3 users. Everytime I've searched for a way to make this happen I have found close to nothing, and one javascript code that messes with avatars resizing. To those phpbb3 users that are looking to move your usernames, ranks, or both above the avatars, it is quite simple. Follow these steps:

1.) Go to your administration panel, Display>Templates>General look for viewtopic_body

2.) Search for the following code

It will be found underneath {postrow.displayed.POSTER_AVATAR}

- Before going any further be sure to copy the template the exact way you have it and save it somewhere in case changing this messes with anything

3.) Copy the exact way your POSTER_NAME and RANK_IMAGE are written and simply move them above POSTER_AVATAR. You may center the usernames, ranks, and avatars simply by putting <center> </center> tags. You may also add a gap between each by using the simple <br/> code

4.) Save your edits and publish the template and you're done!

- If I am wrong by sharing this feel free to do as you wish Admins, or if you would like to correct my post in any way feel free to do so also. I am simply trying to share this trick for phpbb3 users so they too can have usernames and ranks above avatars.

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Re: phpbb3 moving username & rank above avatar

Post by SLGray on September 10th 2014, 4:47 am

If you want to share a tutorial send it in a pm to Ange Tuteur,

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