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[Proposed] ZID - Zero Installation Difficult!

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[Proposed] ZID - Zero Installation Difficult! Empty [Proposed] ZID - Zero Installation Difficult!

Post by JScript July 6th 2015, 9:09 pm

Hello guys!

           This topic is to discuss together on a way to create codes that have zero level installation difficulty and I call him ZID! The story behind this abbreviation ZID refers to the time of old computers from Intel (models 486 and Pentium 1 and 2) in which they created a socket easy to install and was called of ZIF (Zero Insertion Force)! This brought quite easily for those working with these processors...

           What I propose is to create a fully automatic codes, from the simplest to the most complex! Below I will show a initial list with a brief explanation of each:

1- All code that has a CSS to be added, should have this CSS embedded in JavaScript;
reasons-> With the built-in CSS, the step to have a working code is only one: Add the JavaScript and nothing else; We must remember that if the admin does not want more the JS and forget to remove the CSS, may have future problems; There is a limit on the manual addition of CSS and when this limit is reached the admin sees an error message and it certainly prevent you from using a particular tutorial.

2- The codes that require other modules such as the creation of fields in profile, a topic, a category / forum or even a widget should be made by JS itself;
reasons-> Some admins are quite lay and simple editing on a template already cause them a lot of work, not to mention the mistakes that may commit; It is quite easy to edit templates, create, remove them or even add a widget by JS own!

3- All codes must be compatible with all versions, without exception and preferably in a single file;
reasons-> Let's examine the current format: "I have a forum and the version is phpBB2, if I add a tutorial, I shall choose the JS and CSS (which are separate) to my current version, but if I decide to change the version I will have to repeat all the steps again to make the running tutorial, however, not every tutorial is for all versions!"

           The reason behind this is to make use of codes on Forumotion in the same way to other similar platforms such as phpBB3 and PunBB, as well as the Invision Power Board in which they all use Mods or Plugins, where the admins just add a JS and ready: The code does all the rest of the job!

           Well, that will only bring benefits to all, but we must create a standard for how to proceed with the creation of codes, but to this I count on the help of all of you.

We need to innovate, bring something impressive to the platform, even if it is locally with JavaScript, making the admins have minimal effort to have a working code in your forum!


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[Proposed] ZID - Zero Installation Difficult! Empty Re: [Proposed] ZID - Zero Installation Difficult!

Post by SLGray February 23rd 2017, 8:05 am

This will no longer be supported by JScript:

[Proposed] ZID - Zero Installation Difficult! Slgray10

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