Advertisements Now Showing - Even After Forum Login

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In progress Advertisements Now Showing - Even After Forum Login

Post by SophieDophs on July 14th 2015, 8:53 pm

Up until now, advertisements have been set so that only guests on my forum see the ads.

Once logged in, the ads are not supposed to show to members.

That is until now.  I've logged into my forum today using a test account via Chrome browser and I can see ads at the top of the forum, on every single page! i.e. home page, search results, topic page, etc!

Has this been caused by the forum maintenance work?  Or have Forumotion changed policy and are now enforcing ads on every forum?

I sincerely hope this will be quickly resolved.

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In progress Re: Advertisements Now Showing - Even After Forum Login

Post by APE on July 15th 2015, 12:27 am

Hello @SophieDophs

This is Not a bug FM have made a change to all forums Banner Ad's unless you pay with credits to remove your ad's for members and Guests the ad's will now show.

Most forum no longer have the tools on the ACP to remove the ad's as you have stated in your post.

As FM is a free to all forum host we use the ad's to get the money to keep all our systems and updates Free to you the members.



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