How to setup your Mailboxes (Domain purchased by forumotion only)

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Tutorial How to setup your Mailboxes (Domain purchased by forumotion only)

Post by APE on Tue Feb 16 2016, 17:30

How to setup your forum's Mailbox

           How to setup your  Mailboxes (Domain purchased by forumotion only)

NOTE: Other domains purchased through over providers / Hosts will not get our mail system SORRY Sad

When you buy a domain name from we not only offer FREE support on your domain name but we give you A Free Mail box system for the duration of your domain.

This tutorial will help you set this up in some really easy step by step rules.

Step 1
Finding your Mailbox settings:
ACP  “Admin control panel”   Misc Tab     Mailboxes   Mailboxes administration.

Step 2
Setting up your mail box:

In the box you now need to think of an address of your own
Now it’s time to add your address and make a password

Then Don’t Forget Hit  SAVE

Your saved address should look something like this

Now Test to see if you can log in Wink
Click on the link on the ACP found just above your settings

Type in your Email address you just made,
Then your password you made for that account

And if you entered your data in right you will see the main Email page

Step 3
Making a Safe Email Redirection:

In the same page as you made the Email address you will see this click on create a Redirection

Now we need to make a fake Email address we can give out to anyone on the forum.
I am going to use "Contact-Us" for this step but you can use what you like


Now you have done that you will see your new Redirection Email system up and ready

And your DONE

MailBox Limits
We have set a limit to only 10 New Email addresses that can be made in this tool

Redirection Limits

You can Redirect one Email Upto 10 times by
Adding a new Email address under your first one like this

All of the Email addresses will then get the Same Email.

What is the Point to having This MailBox ?

Your mailbox is made so you Don't have to give your Own Email address out.
A Good way to send out Emails without having to use the Main forum.
Helps Keep your Forum Safe from hackers as you don't have to give out your Founders Email address.
You can send mail to and from to your staff without having to use your Home Email address.
Staff Emails get to your staff faster.
With making a contact us Email you are making sure your Founders account is not leaked out to unwanted Emails.

The List Just Goes On.

Please Feel Free to ask me if you get stuck or you do not understand


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