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Post by RR on July 8th 2016, 12:25 pm

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Description of problem

Hey! I'm looking for a new home for my forum based RPG. Your rules say sexual and violent content are forbidden but what if these themes come up in RPG? We have a very strict rules concerning mature and violent contents and we, admins, follow each user, their characters and their games closely. We will immediately take action if things get tasteless and beyond the rules.

Here's our disclaimer: "We run a RPG-forum based on near future situation in Los Angeles which has turned into a realistic dystopia. Because of the story and the characters in it, we sometimes have mature content on the forum, e.g. criminality. We'd like to emphasize that this is purely FICTION.

We DO NOT favor or advertise drug use, violence, criminal behavior or pornography.
We DO NOT glorify violence, pornography, criminal behavior or drug use.

These themes may come up in the roleplay threads or characters but we Admins follow each user, their characters and their games closely. We will immediately take action if things get tasteless and beyond the rules.

We are all adults here, we recognize the difference between fiction and reality. In this fiction some characters can be awfully cruel and unbalanced, but if the same kind of behavior is noticed at the off-game section, Admin team will warn the user and even ban them for harassment.

Discrimination and racism against any kind of people is strictly forbidden!
Glorifying drug use, sexual assault and violence in general is strictly forbidden!

The Service Provider and the ads seen on our page have nothing to do with the forum content."

So my question is: If we use your forum, can we write mature and violent content without the fear of being banned? We use NSFW and K18 tags and hide these contents under spoilers.
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In progress Re: Forum content

Post by brandon_g on July 8th 2016, 4:00 pm


I guess it depends how violent the content in question is. Forumotion does not really have any kind of line per say when it comes to the rules (in other words, there is no specific list oranything that says 'how violent the content has to be in order to be warned or banned). Generally we recommend that you try to keep your forum atleast somewhat '13+'. If a kid could safely view your forum, then you should definitelly be ok.

The thing with stuff like this is, everyones' perspective on what is violent and what is not violent is different. I could see one thing as violent and you and someone else might not see it as violent and vice versa. If someone were to see some content as violent, they could make a report to our litigation team, who will then view the forum to make sure it is within our rules, if it is, they take no further action, if it is not, then they can choose to either issue your forum a warning in which you will have a certain amount of time to get rid of the content and get your forum within the rules (if you dont, your forum will be deleted at the end of the time period) or they can just outright ban it without warning, depending on what the rule broken is and the severity of which it is broken. The final decision on either falls to our litigation team and what they decide is the best course of action.

All that said, I suppose there is no definitive direct answer we can give. It all depends on how violent the content and if it can be seen as violent enough to be reported by someone or not.

All we can say is, that we recommend keeping your forum has family friendly as possible. That is all we can really tell you. unspecified - Forum content 1f610


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In progress Re: Forum content

Post by SLGray on July 8th 2016, 7:29 pm

I would not take the chance.  I do not allow any kind of violent and mature content.  The reason why is because every person has a different idea about this.  It only takes one person to report your forum.

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