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Review Section Rules & Templates

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Important Review Section Rules & Templates

Post by TheCrow June 2nd 2018, 12:30 am

Review Section Rules & Templates

Requesting Rules

  • Both English and Non-English forums may be reviewed, however, reviews will always be written and provided in English. Furthermore, grammar and spelling can only be reviewed on English Forums.
  • Forums that violate the Terms of Service of Forumotion will be refused until the content is removed.
  • Requests that are not in the proper form based on the information in the Request a review thread will be refused. You'll be asked to change the format of your request within the next 24 hours or else your request will be refused.
  • You can bump your review thread only if 72 hours have passed from the last reply to it.
  • The Review Section is only a category of the Support Forum. Therefore, this category also follows the General Rules of the Support and these rules are extra rules for the Review Section only.
  • Only Administrators can request a review. If you are not an Administrator, you have to contact an administrator to request a review. If your Administrators group is hidden, you must post a screenshot of the group itself proving that you are an Administrator.
  • You can't mark your own topic completed. Only official reviewers have the right to mark a review, and change the topic icon to completed.
  • If you have any questions that are not included in this topic, please post them below and we will answer to you and include your question to the list.
  • You are not allowed to have more than one ongoing review threads. Please request one review at a time.
  • The minimum days before requesting different type of reviews, is 7 days after your last review thread is locked/completed.

Review Types, Limits and Requirements

  • Complex Review: A complex review provides you with a rating on all review criteria and provides you with an in-depth analysis on each review criteria as well as providing suggestion on how to improve your forum.
    • Limit: Allowed once a month : Your complex reviews of any forum should be separated with at least 30 days.
    • Requirements: 250 Posts - 50 Members

  • Two Area Review: A two area review is the same as one area review but provides an in-depth analysis on two areas of your forum.
    • Limit: Allowed twice a month : Your two area reviews of any forum should be separated with at least 15 days.
    • Requirements: 100 Posts - 15 Members

  • One Area Review: A one area review provides you with an in-depth analysis on one particular aspect of your forum.
    • Limit: Allowed twice a month : Your two area reviews of any forum should be separated with at least 15 days.
    • Requirements: 20 Posts - 10 Members

  • Simple Review: A simple review provides you with a rating on all review criteria and gives you bullet point feedback comments as well as outlining your forums strengths and weaknesses.
    • Limit: Allowed three times per month : Your simple reviews of any forum should be separated with at least 10 days.
    • Requirements: Free ~ No requirements

Areas Explanations

    First Impressions: The reviewer will give his/her first impressions of the forum upon visiting the forum.

    Forum Appearance: The reviewer will give his/her feedback on your forum appearance. That includes the general appearance of the forum as well as the categories layout and organization and the general design of the forum.

    Members and Forum Activity: The review will give his/her feedback on the activity of the forum in general, meaning how often posts are posted and how often member join your forum. Because the activity is a sensitive spot on all forums this area is split into two parts. Member Activity which get the first 5 points and Forum Activity which gets the rest 5 points. The scores are summed and you get the total score of the entire area.

    Staff and Usergroups: The reviewer will review the amount of staff and usergroups the forum has and will provide feedback on staff levels and usergroups. This means all the information that has to do with your ranks and your forum groups.

    Forum Originality: The reviewer will review how original the forum is and will provide feedback and possible suggestion on how to make the forum more original. Originality is also split into two parts. The forum design as a theme and the content/type of the forum.

    Grammar and Spelling (English Forums Only): The reviewer will analyse the grammar and spelling of the forum and provide changes/edits if needed.

    Reviewer's Feedback: The reviewer will provide some addition general information about your forum. This is a similar area as the first impressions area but in this area the reviewer has seen the forum and its content and has a full idea and view of your forum. This is a general score of your forum based on the reviewer's thoughts and opinions.

Review Templates and Reviewing Rules

Reviewing Rules

If you are about to complete a review for a forum please read the below rules very carefully:
  • Members are allowed to complete reviews. All members who decide to complete a review must use the below templates.
  • Other templates or images other than the below are not allowed to be used in the review section.
  • If you are reviewing a Non-English Forum, you may remove the 'Grammar & Spelling' section of the review template. Any other changes to the template are forbidden.
  • All General Rules will be enforced.
  • Please remember that reviews are thoughts and feedback of the reviewer. You can simply accept those feedback or simply ignore them. That's entirely up to you. Please don't judge others based on their feedback.
  • Please don't provide slanderous reviews.
  • A review will be considered completed when a member of the review team has provided a review or proofread a member's review. However the thread will remain open for a period of time for anyone else wishing to give a review.

Review Templates

Please use the below templates based on the review you want to complete. (All you have to do is copy and paste the code content provided in the spoilers)

Complex Review Template:

Simple Review Template:

Two Area Template:

One Area Review:

Review Rating Images

Review Images URLs:

Review Section Rules & Templates Thecro10
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Important Re: Review Section Rules & Templates

Post by brandon_g August 29th 2020, 6:57 pm


There has been a slight change to the Review Section Rules. Effective immediately forums will be accepted for review regardless of the forum's language. Please note, however, that reviews will still be provided in English regardless of the forum language. Additionally, the 'Grammar & Spelling' review category will not be available to Non-English forums.

This decision was made by members of the Review Team in order to expand the service and make it available to all users, regardless of their main language.

We look forward to reviewing your forums. Wink

-The Forumotion Review Team

Review Section Rules & Templates Brando10
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Review Section Rules & Templates Scre1476
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