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Review Questions & Answers

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Important Review Questions & Answers

Post by TheCrow June 2nd 2018, 12:28 am

Review Questions & Answers

Hello everyone,

This is a Q&A topic that will contain all the needed questions and answers regarding the Review Section.

Q: What is a review?
A: A review is an in-depth analysis of a Forumotion forum. The review team focus on giving advice, tips and suggestions to improve Forumotion forums and help the owner and the administrators better their forum.

Q: What are the rules of the Review Section?
A: The rules of the Review Section are provided on this topic, in which you have to read before you proceed to do or request within the Review Section.

Q: How do I request a review?
A: Requesting a review is very easy. All you have to do, is select the Review Type you want based on this topic and just post a reply to it. Once an official Reviewer checks the forum and it meets our Rules, the Reviewer will create a topic with your information in the Review Section and let you know about it.

Q: My forum is not in English. Can I request a review?
A: No. Only English forums and forums that belong to Forumotion can be reviewed. Forums that are not entirely in English or don't belong to Forumotion, are not eligible to request a review and therefore will be rejected.

Q: How often can I bump my review?
A: You can only bump your review thread if no one has replied to the topic and if 72 hours have passed from your last post/reply. If your review thread is tagged, and from the time it was tagged, there was no response within the next 72 hours you may bump again.

Q: Who can complete a review? Is anyone allowed to complete a review?
A: Any member is allowed to complete a review thread as long as they meet our Rules and Regulations. Using the review templates provided within the Rules topic anyone can complete a review. Officially, a review thread is completed once a Reviewer provides the review thread with his/her review or if a review provided by a member is proofread by a Reviewer and marks it as completed.

Q: How can someone become a Reviewer?
A: You can easily become a reviewer by applying for it. Usually, members that apply for Reviewers, get through a training session which is called Trial Reviewers. They will be trained by the official Reviewers, so they improve their skills on reviewing, so they can make it to the Reviewers Team. Note that you need to complete at least 2 reviews before you apply to become a reviewer. For more information, you can read this topic.

Q: How often can I request a review?
A: You have to follow the Rules of the section. In the Rules topic there are provided information on how you can request a review and how often you can do so. There is a time span behind each type of review you request.

Q: Do I have to be a special member to request a review?
A: Yes. Only the forum Administrators or the forum Owner can request a review. Other members of the forum can simply ask their Administrators or their owner to request one review here.

Q: How do the rating work?
A: The rates of each area is from 1 up to 10. Each reviewer or member decides a reasonable number, based on their feedback, that is fitted for the area reviewing. There are in total 7 areas to review so the total review score is the sum of the rates of each area together and then divided by 7. All scores are numbers from 1 to 10 and of course they are out of possible best 10.

Q: My forum has limited access to guests. Do reviewers create an account? Do I have to provide them with an account?
A: If your forum has limited access to guests and you want your review to be complete, you have to have an account to provide to the reviewer in case you're asked to do so. Some reviewers may create an account some may not. Also, if your forum is not visible for guests, you have to include that information to your review and have an account because you will be asked for it. Whatever access you give to that account, that's what you'll be reviewed for.

Q: If my forum has limited access to guests where do I add this information?
A: Upon requesting a review you can include those information under the needed information to request a review. The reviewers will check your forum, and if you meet the requirements and your forum doesn't violate the ToS of Forumotion, the reviewer will see that the forum has limited access and ask you for an account or create one for your forum.

Q: What is a area review? What does area stand for?
A: The areas are the reviewed parts of your forum. Currently you review all the areas shown in our Rules of this Section. There you can find detailed information on how each area is reviewed and all the area information you need.

Q: Can I use my own review template to provide my own review as a member?
A: No. All members must use the same templates provided in the Rules of the section. Members must use the images and the templates provided there to have the same review templates for all reviews and therefore, all official Reviewers will be using the same templates to provide to you, your reviews.

Q: I never get a good score to my reviews. Why is that?
A: Remember that reviews are personal thoughts of the members and the reviewers. These are not necessarily right. Each member individually have different opinions and therefore the criteria of your scores are based on the member's thoughts and opinions. For that, you only have two possible options. You can proceed to the possible changes/modifications provided to you within the review or simply ignore them and proceed as you did before. Remember, these opinions are provided to you as feedback for you to have a prospective of your forum based on how others see your forum with their own eyes. Their opinion is their opinion and you can easily accept or refuse it and move on. By accepting the opinion and the feedback and changing your forum as the members tell you, you have a better chance on your next review request to get a greater score.

Q: If I am currently working on a review do I have to tag it? If yes, can I mutli-tag review topics?
A: No, you don't have to tag a review. You can simply start doing a review and once you're done with the review, to simply post it. Also, yes you can mutli-review. You can do as many reviews as you want at the same time. Just be aware that reviews take some time and if you do decide to tag a review you have the time responsibility.

Q: I have requested a review and it is on going or done by someone. Can I request a review for an other forum while waiting for a review on an other forum?
A: No you can't. Once you request a review, it doesn't matter for which forum it is. If you request a complex review for forum A you cannot request an other review while you are waiting for a review to be completed for that forum. Also, if that forum's review is done you have to wait at least 7 days to request a new review for forum B.

Q: I can not create a new topic in the review section. Why?
A: That's because you cannot create a topic in the Review section. All you have to do is request a review on this topic and the official Reviewers will create the topic for you on which your review will be provided. All you have to do is request for the review, with all the necessary information the above topic requires.

We hope these questions answer all your questions. If after reading this topic, you still have a question for us, please go ahead and post it below this topic and we'll answer it as soon as possible, and probably add it to this list.

Thank you,
The Review Team

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