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Review Section Changes

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Review Section Changes Empty Review Section Changes

Post by TheCrow Fri Jun 01, 2018 5:34 pm

Review Section Changes

Hello dear members,

The Review section has changed over these past few days. The changes we made are listed in this topic. We hope you like these changes and we are looking forward on doing your reviews:

Changes Done to the Section

  1. The review areas have changed. You can read more about these changes to the Review Section Rules & Templates topic.
  2. The templates design and images design of the reviews have also changed.
  3. The hiring Reviewers topic is changed and it is attached below.
  4. We have removed completely the Questions only topic and we have made a new updated Q&A topic where you can read some Question and Answers about the Review Section.

We are now proud to announce that the Review Section is now back open and awaits your review requests.

Regards. king

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Review Section Changes Empty Re: Review Section Changes

Post by TheCrow Fri Jun 01, 2018 5:34 pm

Want to become a Reviewer? Here's how!

Forumotion is currently searching for potential Reviewers. If you want to become a Forum Reviewer all you have to do is read this announcement and apply.

The Process

To be hired as a forum reviewer is not something easy. A review requires time and dedication too. In order for someone to become an official Reviewer there are some things they should know first before taking that big step in the Reviewer's position. First of all, upon applying to become a Reviewer, please be informed, that you have to complete some reviews before you do apply. This is required in order for you to see how this works and for us to see your reviews and of course your potential. Once someone has completed some reviews and thinks that being a Reviewer is something they would like to do, then all there's left to do is apply for the position. As soon as you apply for the position, you will be asked to complete one more review provided by the Reviewers. Once completed, the Reviewers will check your review and let you know if you will be accepted or not. Being accepted, though, does not mean you will immediately have the Reviewer's rank as all members who apply for this position have to be trained as Trial Reviewers. Once your Trial is over, you'll be hired as a Reviewer. So, if you think you are ready for this rank, then go ahead and send us an application.

Trial Reviewers

Trial Reviewers is a special rank given to members who would like to become Reviewers. This is only a special rank and all members who have this rank do not have any moderation power on the Support Forum. Once you've applied for the Reviewer's rank, you'll be added to this group and your training will begin. The training duration is not certain as for each member, the learning period differs. The current Reviewers will help you with your training providing you feedback and tips on how to make your reviews better and be a step closer to the official Reviewer rank.

Requirements and Expectations

  • Cannot be a returning banned member
  • Have at least 2 reviews completed
  • Must be aware of the General Rules & the Review Section Rules
  • Be at least 2 months on this support and you must have at least 50 posts
  • Be active to this forum
  • Know the English language very well
  • Be dedicated to your work
  • Be willing to help others
  • A mature and professional attitude
  • Ability to work within a team

Application form

If you think you have what it takes to become an official Reviewer, then all you have to do is apply, completing this form and sending it via PM to @TheCrow or any Administrator or Manager.
[b]Joined Date:[/b]
[b]Why should we hire you?:[/b]
[b]Define Reviews:[/b]
[b]One word to describe yourself:[/b]

We are looking forward for all your applications!

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