Not Being Able To Paste Codes On Safari (Mobile)

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Not Being Able To Paste Codes On Safari (Mobile)

Post by Temmie on April 16th 2017, 7:41 am

Technical Details

Forum version : #phpBB3
Position : Founder
Concerned browser(s) : Safari
Who the problem concerns : A few members
When the problem appeared : Today
Forum link :

Description of problem

I was looking at the code for chatboz toolbar, and i tryed to paste it into my css, yet it didnt work. I can always ask another member to add it in, but i dont understand why it wont let me

Sorry if in the wrong place or if its already made, i checked if it was and nothing came up.
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Re: Not Being Able To Paste Codes On Safari (Mobile)

Post by Draxion on April 16th 2017, 2:54 pm

Hi, there.

Sorry, Temmie, but pasting or even working with codes while on mobile is a very hard and tedious task. You're better off using a laptop or desktop, or as you suggested, have someone else do it for you if you don't possess one. Not even I can work with coding while on mobile-- it's too daunting.

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